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The "Denver Square" is the local term for what is coined a Foursquare home in other parts of the United States. If you really want to get technical, the correct architectural term is Vernacular Classical Revival style.

This style reached the height of its popularity after Denver suffered the economic effects of the Silver Crash of 1893. Turning away from the showy Victorian architectural style, the Denver Square was a model of efficiency.

A simple box, the Denver Square was a two-story home built of practical brick, however, other materials were sometimes used. The interior of these homes was incredibly efficient. Being a box, the division of space was unhindered and allowed for a large amount of usable space.

Many turn of the century Denver real estate owners found themselves with an empty lot. However, Sears and Roebuck came to their rescue with affordable kits shipped out on the daily train. While many people took advantage of the first modular homes, local builders and craftsman were still necessary to erect and finish the kit homes. Many locals also selected the style, but had it built on-site.

These homes are seen on every block within a 5-mile radius of Denver's epicenter. Some neighborhoods are one Denver Square after another. Fortunately, the original homeowners did add their own details and spice, so each Denver Square is its own final creation.

These homes are still a practical choice in the 21st century. The are easy to update and remodel, thanks mostly to their original box shape. Without the construction obstacles that a complicated Victorian offers, the Denver Square's simplicity is still its best selling point.

A row of Denver Squares.
A row of Denver Squares in the City Park neighborhood.

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